domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus or whatever the fuck it is called - probably the dumbest pop-psy book ever. ( I use the adverb "probably" here because this is the first time I'm reading a pop-psy book).

I bet the guy who wrote the book didn't take one psy course before writing this dumb ass cheeburgerized (american) crap.

I should have known when a blockhead slut from south beach told me that this book helped her save her relationship.

Let me randomly open this book and write whatever sentence that draws my attention.

Here's one

"Remember you don't fully have to understand her point of view to succeed in being a good listener" - page 154


page 89
" It is very difficult for a man to differentiate between empathy and sympathy. He hates to be pitied."

What kind of dumb fucking hotdogged bullcrap is this! There is a huge difference between overgeneralization and just talking out of one's ass. Unfortunately, here these sentences fall into the latter category.

One more. 196

"Compliment her on how she looks"

I feel like I'm reading a man's magazine with a lot of fancy ads for deodorants.

It's very unfortunate that there are people out there who are actually taking their time to read this pile of crap when they can sit down and read books like "the art of loving" by Erik Fromm and actually learn something and improve their relationship(s).

Dumb asses. I hate people.


sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

poop story/analysis

My school crew, my kids and I were on our way home from the camping site yesterday. we used the bus to get back home as the principal of the school could not afford a private jet or a nice limousine which I deserve and was expecting. Anywho, we got on the bus and I was forced by my dear student to sit somewhere in the middle of the bus. The story does not end there. About half way into the destination, I started hearing words like "poop", "crap", "diarrhea" flowing in the air from the back. As a big fan of poop I am, I started paying attention to the stories kids were sharing with one another.

J: So what! one day, I came home and I saw my sister eating her poop!
E: That's nothing. My brother once made a steak out of poop! and he gave it to my mom and my mom ate it!
Everyone : EWWWWWW
J: no, that's nothing. I once saw my sister playing with poop!
E: And so what? I once peed and pooped in my pants!
J: Well, Me too!
Everyone : Me too, me too!

This conversation I overhead made me raise several questions.
1. Was this story telling a competition?
2. If this was a competition, was it a competition over who can tell the dirtiest story?
3. If this was a competition over who can tell the dirtiest story regarding feces, why did they select this particular subject matter? Because it's provocative?
4. If this was a competition, were they aware of the fact that it was?
5. Why did they constantly mention their family members, or themselves as the protagonists in their poop stories? To earn more credibility? to make the story seem more realistic? their passive aggresion towards certain family members (remind you that when sharing the story, none of the kids mentioned their father)
6. Did telling this story somehow raise their self-esteem?

Another interesting fact about this storyteling was that the kids who were the most aggressive when sharing this story were the students who I found most shy and reserved in class and in basic social settings. Are these two factors somehow correlated?

Why did these particular kids take such a long time/put so much effort in sharing these ridiculous stories? is it somehow related to their lack of self-esteem and unacceptance they feel in the world and in their family situation?

And what about older kids/adults? they may not create some unrealistic poop stories but they may spread false rumours and gossip in an unrealistic manner. They may even compete over who can spread the most provocative rumour. Can this behavior somehow be related to the poop story I overheard from my students?

I wonder.

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Who I am and where I stand

When insulted, I like to feign disinterest to avoid hurting the offender's feelings. And to generally show that I can handle it. To avoid reacting sentimentally and change what I can.

HEre the word "can" is important. Because there is so much "conscious willingness" to this "can", It's not about you forcing me or in other words, me letting you shit over me while I'm licking the floor, it's about compromising my needs and yours. But still, you see. I can speak on this rational shit all night long. But I feel very dirty when you insult me. And I do not like feeling dirty. And this is precisely why you will end up with a broken face if you insult me again.

sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

principles of human knowledge

O.K. There's something seriously wrong with my computer and I cannot create a new blog.

What I wanted to write tonight is this:

Let's think of a triangle.

What's the possibility of the triangle that I've created in my head is the same one as the one that you have created in your head ?

God, it's so fucking hot in this joint. I will go sleep now.
I'm getting too many Chinese spammers on this website, and I'm tired of it. (well, actually I don't really care since I never check comments) anyhow, I will start a new blog and I may delete this one when I'm happy with the other. Peace.